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"Nature requires children before they are men", said Maria Montessori. Our curriculum goes parallel with it by fostering the child’s holistic development through learning opportunities. The Kindergarten atmosphere has set educational goals engaging children in play way method to become co-players through self- analysis, sensorial exploration and composite problem solving. The KG teachers are well trained and qualified to handle children with utmost care and affection so that they develop a sense of belongingness and respect for their teachers.


  • Life skills learning helps them to develop good habits, gives them everyday "real life" opportunities to practice fine and gross motor skills, and ultimately teaches them to be more responsible, independent and self-confident.
  • Activities involving natural environment and community resources are an integral part of conceptual learning.
  • Children’s aesthetic sensitivity, imagination and creativity are encouraged and appreciated by their participation in diversified art activities .
  • Culture builds societies and to experience various cultures, religious festivals are celebrated to develop mutual respect for communities.
  • Special courses on Phonics which nurture the child’s pronunciation are integrated in the Kindergarten course that help children to recognize the letters phonetically.
  • Special grammar classes are also taken for the children to enhance the skills at a very young age.

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