“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’’ goes the saying. Staying healthy is more important than stuffing the knowledge in the sickly body. It is in this perspective, comes Sports and Games. All-embracing infrastructure has been made available for the convenience of our students who wish to participate in any sporting events. In fact, every student takes part in one sport compulsorily and extensive coaching is given to them to acquire proficiency in the game of his/her choice.

Special coaching is offered in various sports & games such as Athletics, Tennis, Cricket, Football, Skating, Swimming, Table Tennis etc.

Students are segregated into four houses namely VIIRYA House, DHAIRYA House, DHIIRA House and DHRITYAA House. Intra-mural games and sports are conducted to promote healthy competition among the four houses.

Students are also encouraged to take part in inter-school competitions guided by dedicated members of staff who escort the teams for tournaments at the District, State and National levels. It is a matter of pride that our School students regularly emerge victorious in several events such as Skating, Swimming, Athletics, Tennis, Cricket etc.

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